Xiaomi’s new Concept Smartphone introduces its first Quad-curved Waterfall Display

Xiaomi formally launched its first quad-curved waterfall display concept smartphone having the 88° hyper quad-curved screen design. This lets visual interfaces flow over the surface of the phone like water. The phone’s body has no physical buttons or ports, so conveying the innovative unibody no-port design for the future.

Unibody no-port design has specified a new direction for upcoming smartphones. Xiaomi has been trying to shift the classic smartphone form factor to ‘just a screen’ form factor and making the smartphone as simple as possible.

The manufacturing of a 88° quad-curved glass panel and the 3D bonding process was a definite challenge for Xiaomi engineers. Attaching a 88° quad-curved glass to a flexible display through the breakthrough 3D bonding process ensures ideal and unblemished screen performance.

It practically busted the present tech. limits of glass production.
The breakthroughs in quad-curved waterfall displays had provided possibilities to achieve the goal of a true port-free unibody smartphone. The function of buttons and ports has been replaced by more graceful alternatives.

There is still no information about the availability of Xiaomi’s new quad curved panel phone, but can be expected soon.


Source blog.mi.com
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