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The Ultimate Guide to Iphone 12 Review

In Apple iPhone 12, the company has given features like a new design, better camera, and 5G connectivity, but will it be the right decision to buy this phone at the starting Price in USD: $599 ? Know in our review

If you are planning to buy a premium smartphone, then the iPhone 12 must have been an option in your mind. Apple has given features like a new design, better camera, and 5G connectivity through the recently introduced iPhone 12 series. But will it be the right decision to buy the Apple iPhone 12 with a starting price of $599? We have used the 256 GB storage model of the phone for a few days. In this review, we are trying to answer all your important questions.


iPhone 12 review: Design

The design of the iPhone 12 reminds you of the iPhone 4 and iPhone 5 models at first glance. It gets flat aluminum sides and a flat-screen. The screen has skinny bezels, and the back panel is glossy. For screen protection, ceramic shield glass has been given in the phone. Compared to the iPhone 11, it is slightly smaller in size and weight, which is pretty easy to hold.

Its back panel is also unique, and MagSafe supports magnetic wireless charging. Apart from this, accessories like Apple’s wireless charger, wallet, or case cover can also be attached to the back panel. It comes with an IP68 rating, water, and dust-resistant. The phone comes in five color options – Black, White, Blue, Green, and Product Red. Face ID has been provided in the phone to unlock, although I had to enter the password every time to open it while wearing a mask. So I missed the fingerprint scanner.

Talking about the display, the iPhone 12 has a 6.1-inch Super Retina XDR OLED display. The production is of Full HD + (2532 x 1170 pixels) resolution. The display is quite bright and vibrant. Its viewing angles are also great, although the high refresh rate also seems lacking. The screen of the iPhone 12 comes with only a 60Hz refresh rate. Notch is also available in the display, which is quite significant in size.


iPhone 12 review: iOS 16 

iOS 14 was the latest Apple iPhone software when the iPhone 12 debuted, but nowadays, it’s all about iOS 16. So, for example, you can manage the Apple lock screen, copy text out of the video, and text in Messages after you’ve sent them.

These capabilities are available to the iPhone 12. In addition, the iPhone 12 has at least three more OS updates, meaning you will have an up-to-date phone in 2025.

The iPhone 12 works on the company’s latest iOS 14 operating system. Even if you are an Android user, you will have no problem using it. I found the Back Tap feature in the new operating system very impressive. In this, you get the option of double tap and triple tap, on which you can set the setting of your choice. For example, I had the opportunity to lock the screen by double tapping on the back panel and screenshot on triple tap.

The smartphone is equipped with the new A14 Bionic processor. In terms of performance, Apple’s answer is no. The iPhone 12 is also said to be one of the fastest smartphones. You can do any other task from heavy gaming without interruption. Apart from this, Apple has launched the iPhone for the first time with 5G connectivity. Although we can’t do the 5G test at the moment.


iPhone 12 review: Cameras

Like the iPhone 11, the iPhone 12 is also equipped with a dual rear camera, although the aperture of the camera lens has been changed. The rear camera comes with a 12-megapixel primary sensor with f/1.6 aperture and a 12-megapixel secondary sensor with f/2.4 aperture. The primary camera of the phone is imposing and takes excellent pictures. Bright colors and good details are available in the pictures. To make the photo social media friendly, you must try using my favorite Vivid filter.

Its ultra-wide camera is almost the same as that of the iPhone 11. A special night portrait mode has also been given in the camera. As a result, the phone can take good pictures even in low light. The iPhone’s camera is known for its video quality, and the iPhone 12 doesn’t disappoint you. You can shoot videos in slow-mo, time-lapse and ultra-wide modes. Apart from this, for the first time in a mobile camera, the feature of shooting Dolby Vision video has also been given.

5X zoom is available in the phone, while 10X and 20X zoom has become common in Android phones. It has a 12-megapixel front camera for a selfie, which comes with f / 2.2 aperture. The selfie camera also does its job well. Through this, you are also able to take portrait selfies.


iPhone 12 review: Battery life and charging

The iPhone 12 offers average battery life, which can easily last a day on everyday use. The phone supports 20W fast charging, although Apple has stopped providing the charging adapter in the box with the iPhone 12 series. MagSafe charging facility has been provided with the phone, which is excellent for wireless fast charging.

It takes more than 2 hours for the phone to be fully charged through the MagSafe charger. At the same time, it took 1 hour to charge from 0 to 50 percent.

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