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How to turn off Apple Health activity tracking on your iPhone


Once you’ve set up your profile in the Apple Health app on your iPhone, the app will start collecting data on the number of steps you’ve taken each day. It continues to monitor your activity.

If you want to turn off the Health app on your iPhone and prevent it from collecting your activity data, here is a step-by-step guide on how you can do that easily.

How to turn off the Health app on your iPhone.

      Open the Settings app on your iPhone.
      In the Settings app, tap on the “Privacy” option.
      Now scroll down and select the “Motion & Fitness” option.
      You will now need to turn off the “Health” switch.

Once this option is disabled, the Health app will no longer be able to receive future activity data from the iPhone sensors.

You can also choose to turn off “Fitness Tracking” from the same screen, but note that this will turn off all other apps from using activity data. So if you just want to prevent access to Apple’s Health app, just turn off “Health” and go for fitness tracker if you want to prevent all apps from using that data.

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