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How to take scrolling screenshots in Android


Taking a screenshot is a very simple and basic function of every Android phone (usually Power + Volume Down). It can be useful to save your screen, demonstrate how to do something, or show off your customizations. A typical screenshot only shows what appears on your display, but a scrolling screenshot can capture a long webpage or long conversation. Sometimes you need more than a standard screenshot. We’ll show you how to do it.

There are several apps in the Play Store that can capture scrolling longshots. The one we’ll be using in this guide is called LongShot. It’s well-designed, easy to use, and gets updated consistently. Setting it up and taking a longshot couldn’t be easier.



1. Download and install LongShot from the Play Store.
2. Open the app.
3. Toggle Auto capture on (this will automatically take screenshots as you scroll).
4. Tap the Capture screenshot button.
5. Floating green Start button will appear.
6. Go to the screen you wish to capture.
7. Tap the Start button and slowly scroll.
8. Tap Done when you’re done.
9. All the screenshots will appear on the next page. Tap Join to merge them.
10. Adjust the shots to make a long shot.
11. When you’re done, the screenshot will be in the LongShot folder.

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LongShot has a few other useful tools. Capture Web Page will open a screen with a URL bar at the top. You can enter any webpage and take a long shot. The Select Images tool will allow you to merge previously taken shots. Here’s an example of what you can do with LongShot.


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