How To Get People To Like Samsung Galaxy Z Slide With Slideable Screen Revealed.

With the ability to transform into tablets, folding smartphones have been lauded as the future of display technology. As the foldable are becoming more and more prevalent, Samsung has now unveiled the next generation of its innovative displays. A sliding and scrolling screen that transforms in to tablet in an instant.

Ross Young, the CEO of DSCC, revealed on Twitter that Samsung had showcased its new slideable display technology in the Samsung Galaxy Z Slide. He also shared several photos from the DSCC Business Conference 2022.

The South Korean tech giant noted that the new technology, referred to as a vertical slide-out display, is ideal for compact smartphones and can fit into one’s pockets. However, if you want to expand the display’s real estate, you can extend its top surface.

The 22:9 aspect ratio of the Samsung Galaxy New model helps users get more content on their screens when they’re scrolling through Instagram, Twitter, and articles online. It also allows them to be more productive by enabling them to see more content.

Another advantage of this new technology is that it allows users to have a more prominent 6.7-inch display in their pockets, which is slimmer than what they would have had with traditional smartphones.

According to Young, the new technology could be ready for mass production within the next couple of years. However, since the Galaxy Z Slide doesn’t fit into its Z Flip or Z Fold lineups, it’s not clear if the company will launch a new Galaxy Z Slide model.

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