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How To Fix Laptop Touchpad Not Working


Each laptop comes with a touchpad. It is also called trackpad or mouse touchpad. When we don’t have a mouse, we can use this touchpad. Many users have experienced the problem that laptop touchpad is not working. What should I do? Below, I will explain how to fix laptop touchpad not working.These solutions are work for all laptop brands.

4 Ways Fix Your Laptop Touchpad Not Working

You don’t need to try all the steps, just step by step and try these methods to guide your touchpad to work properly.

    • Restart your laptop

If this happens suddenly in the process of using the laptop, we can deal with it this way. First, we try to restart the computer, because some programs run incorrectly, and memory runs incorrectly, which will also cause the touchpad not to work. If the problem still exists after restarting the laptop, please continue with the next method.

    • Enable touchpad in settings

Sometimes you update the windows or installing the software. You find that the touchpad is not working, then you need to enable the touchpad in the mouse setting.

      • In Windows 10, please click Search box >> type Control Panel >> click the Control Panel in the search result on the right, go to Hardware and Sound >> Mouse (Under Devices and Printers).
      • In the Mouse Properties window, click the touchpad tab (usually named by touchpad manufacturer: Synaptics, ELAN, Touchpad, etc.), it is at the right tab next to the Hardware tab.
      • Click on that touchpad to select it, and then click the Enable Device button.
      • click Apply and then click OK.
    • Update your touchpad driver.

If you try the above two methods, your laptop touchpad still not work, then please uninstall the touchpad driver and download the suitable touchpad driver for your laptop from the official website.

To uninstall the touchpad driver. Please click “search” >> type Device Manager >> Expand the Mice and other pointing devices category, right click on your touchpad device and select Uninstall Driver

    • Replace the touchpad module.

If you still haven’t solved the touchpad not working problem, then it’s probably a problem with your touchpad module. You need to replace a touchpad module. You can buy a new touchpad to replace your old one, or take your laptop to a repair shop to find a professional technician, ask them to replace a new touchpad for you.

To replace the touchpad module, you need to remove the bottom cover first, and then remove the battery. Usually, under the battery you can access the touchpad module, disconnect the touchpad cable from the motherboard, and remove the screws that secure the touchpad, you can remove the touchpad module.

Usually, the above four methods should solve most of the problems of laptop touchpad not working. If you have experienced some special situations, please leave a message to us in the comments section, I will assist you in repairing your touchpad issues.

David is the editor @ MyFixGuide. He loves technology, especially good at laptops and mobile phones. In his free time, he loves to take apart the latest mobile phones and laptops.

David Tian editor @ MyFixGuide.

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